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Leadership Speech

Dear Shareholders, 2018 was an important year for the implementation of China’s “13th Five-Year Plan”. With the speeding up of the pace of ecological civilization construction, effective implementation of green development and the continuous promotion of structural reform of energy supply, the development of clean energy was further accelerated. Leveraging on the government’s strong support for renewable energy and clean energy industries, in 2018, the Group strived to expand its wind power and natural gas business, and persistantly enlarged its industrial scale so as to continue to enhance the profitability of the Group. In 2018, the asset structure of the Group remained stable and its economic indicators improved continuously. As of the end of 2018, the Group realized a total sales of wind and photovoltaic generation of 7,397 million kWh; sold 2,631 million cubic meters of natural gas; the consolidated total assets of the Group amounted to RMB39,161 million; realized revenue of RMB9,975 million, total profit of RMB1,743 million and net profit of RMB1,575 million, of which the net profit attributable to the owners of the Group amounted to RMB1,269 million. In 2019, further efforts will be made towards building a beautiful China, promoting energy production and consumption revolution, and establishing a clean and low carbon energy system in a safe and efficient manner. The Group will make good use of the upcoming new opportunities and will continue to focus on renewable energy and clean energy as its business development direction, actively take advantage of new energy resources, promote the establishment of natural gas production, supply, storage and sales systems, closely monitor the consolidated engineering inspection process, ensure all major projects are put into production on schedule, adopt a people-oriented approach to improve the experts’ training mechanisms in order to develop an echelon of talents, broaden financing channels, strengthen financial management and control levels, consolidate the safety foundation, and strengthen information construction to improve the results in order to deliver better performance to shareholders.

Cao Xin


Shijiazhuang, PRC, 12 March 2019

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